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Visitation is a short horror game. Where you play as a college student named Norman who begins to have unsettling nightmares of a black figure that dwells in the hallway of his dorm. He decides to look for the tapes around the room that his father gave him with bible scriptures so that he may play them and rebuke the demon. While having to keep his eyes on it.

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I really like the concept in this game. My experience was odd because I failed to understand a basic mechanic and ended up taking WAY too long to reach the ending lol. Once I understood I really liked it but sadly it ended shortly after! If you want to see me be dumb and misunderstand what to do feel free to check out my playthrough. Thank you for making it! 


thank !!  you for playing. Got a lot more coming

i couldn't read the text at the start fast enough so maybe slow that down, otherwise good game.

Need optimization

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, the concept was neat, and the monster looked creepy, good work :)

Thanks! for checking it out. We have a lot more content coming

We just updated the game and  fix the bugs. Thanks everyone for checking the game out

Nice game. Finding the tapes was tricky at first but I got em.

I really enjoyed the concept of this one. Short and sweet but still manages to be atmospheric and spooky. I ran into a few issues which I talk about in the video but I feel like they can be easily fixed. All in all another good game from you guys! Can't wait to see what's next

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I can only seem to find one tape, and after I play it, I can't seem to find any others. Is there something I need to do after finding the first tape?

Still trying, I'm finding absolutely nothing. Does this game have an ending?

Tried pressing "e" to wake up, nothing. Looked all around the room for more tapes, nothing. I had to give up. Spent 50 minutes trying to figure it out to no avail.


The first tape spawns randomly and the second only spawns after the first tape finishes playing. Press the e key after you get all the tapes and it shows on the top screen.


Thanks for getting back to me! I'll give it another shot tomorrow. I gotta say, from what I've played so far, it's incredibly scary. Can't wait to finish it!