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This is a Prequal that connects to "One for the road" and "the Host". Telling a short horror story about Pastor Jeffey. he has begun pastoring in a new town. One of his Deacons has called and told him to meet him somewhere. This town is holding a big secret and it's about to turn his world upside down.

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Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorFingers Dipped In Red
GenreAdventure, Survival
TagsCreepy, First-Person, Ghosts, Horrible, Horror, Monsters, Spooky, Survival Horror


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estuvo muy bueno el juego , me dio cosa cuando la monja me estuvo correteando jaajja , me diverti .

What do you see???

I've been playing through your collection of games and managed to get around to playing The Fallen Third. That nun is creepy as balls! The chase sequences felt very tense, I barely dared turning around to see  how close my pursuer was! A great game, like all of the yours I had played before it! My advice for anyone considering playing this game ...Just do it! You can see my experience of this great indie horror title in the video below!


when new game coming out? You said October

It’s out now. Hope you enjoy it

Played this game for my 500 sub special and i loved every moment of it, looking forward to other games from you guys

This one was an absolute delight from start to finish!
I had so much fun with this one, and I can't wait for more!
Feel free to check out my scared gameplay here!

I think the game needs some work.

I looove the style! Super cool game! Made you a lil video: 

thanks!! for playing 

< 3

Was a really well made horror game! I loved the chase sequences initially; they made the player think on their feet and made them feel like there was no room to breathe because of the relentless and unwavering nun. The map was also well used, especially the part where the nun chases you around in the small maze like part; that I thought was well done.

But as I said; I enjoyed it initially. The first two to three times it was fun and did feel super scary! Then it began to feel like the game was relying too heavily on the chase sequences such as the Father Jeff part. There was no reason for him to chase you (will get back to that later) and it kind of felt expected and not as scary, but more as 'Have to run away again I guess.'

That being said, the sounds in this game were absolutely spot on! The nun speaking to the character, Jeff heaving behind the second character; they all felt so close and that included with the fact that the chasers were faster than the character made it feel that much more scarier and horrifying. The other sounds used was also well done and really sets the mood and ambience and really enhances the environment a lot!

Even the voice acting was good! Whomever voice acted as the three people and the nun did a great job as they all had good personalities and made it more scarier as well as made the place in the game more immersive. Even Jeff's heavy breathing was also really immersive and scary!

And that brings me to the other part where I thought that the game was lacking; the story. I'm not sure if it was setting up a sequel, but there was no explanation to the beings of The Void. No explanation for what was happening other than what the players put together themselves. The bunker part felt random and no reason for it to have been there except a small breather part. Though the baby laughing and the lights going off did make it scarier and spookier! Not sure if it was a glitch, but the nun coming in the place after a while did surprise me and thought it was pretty terrifying how it came there as it was a small space which intensified the scary feelings. Back to the point; there was no other explanation as to why everything happened nor a reason for a lot of things (Or maybe I misunderstood some things) The note where it explained how to do the electric box I thought was great and felt cohesive and gave the players some context as to why it was so (And also gave me small vibes of Amnesia and Outlast as those games had things like that.) Also towards the end there was a random escape boat?? And a random stacked car area; which from my thoughts might be the numerous people who broke down there and Jeff nabbed them and kept their cars and hence is also called the mechanic. That being said, it didn't make much sense that he was a Father as well as a mechanic as neither was really shown and one would have to be actually caught by him to see his clothes for said jobs while the nun was bright and fully visible. But as this game isn't mainly focused on story, it didn't matter much, but just thought I would mention it for future games as even a small story can really tie a game up together!

One thing I thought was super underutilised was the spooks the nun made; when she leans out a corner; it looked really spooky and could have made use of not so upfront scares like that as subtle scares can add that hint of horror in the background when a player notices it!

The above is mainly just my thoughts and can be very subjective and don't mean to offend you or the game in any way, I thought it was a fantastic game and really kept the players on the edge of their seat. It was really well made and was immense fun to play! The sounds and visuals did make everything seem spooky and I was really scared when being chased around or when a scary sound happened! Wasn't expecting it to be that scary and hair raising, and super glad I played it, keep it up and good luck on the next game!

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Like a rollercoaster ride! Virtually non-stop as it always seems you're being chased by something or someone. Very thrilling, although I would have preferred some moments of respite to breathe in the story.

This game is amazing !

Intense chase scenes, lots of locations, a spooky atmosphere, and an interesting story.  This game definitely got me in a sweat, at the edge of my seat the whole time!

That's amazing how many locations this game has. The nun is pretty creepy. The only thing is that I found it a little confusing sometimes to interact with objects. A pretty good experience tho!

Je suis pas prêt d'aller dans une église à cause de ce jeu ^^. Assez oppressant, certains plans comme celui de l'Eglise sont bien creepy et le jeu est bien gore.Bravo

I am not about to go to a church because of this game . Quite oppressive, some plans like that of the Church are well creepy and the game is gore.Bravo

The game is showing you in a metaphorical sense of how it looks when false doctrine takes over a place and one is consumed by it. 

A nice short horror with some anxiety-inducing moments. I'm curious to know more about The Fallen Third and what they're about.

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scariest game in the world OMG  I FREAKING LOVE THIS

This game is intense from the start. It gave me a constant need to push forward out of fear. I love the variety of environments I was thrown into as well. Overall, a pretty damn good horror experience!

It's not that scary, but an interesting game nonetheless. It caught my attention to see the other two games and thus understand their history.

Underated Game

this game runs like dog shit

Wow thank you for making such a fantastic game. This is one of my favorite games so far this year. The chase scenes and jump scares 10/10. I really enjoyed everything about this game. I cannot wait to see more from you.

This game had some effective scares , I won't deny it that. I'm not sure if I completed the game because I could not find a way out of the area I finished in. The Nun made me extra salty lol. I will link my reaction below if you are interested.


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Thank y'all for checking the game out got a lot more coming

Waiting for TheFunHouse 2

Lol it's coming soon

This one's pretty damn good, and has some effective scares in it. Got me good a few times haha. Thanks for the fun!

Great Game longer than expected Good Work

Super Cool Game. Recommended! 5/5

These are the games I come to Itch.io to find. An absolute roller coaster ride from start to finish. I absolutely can not wait to do playthroughs of the other games this is a prequel to. So many awesome horror movie references too! Loved it. Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with!!