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The Fun House is a Short VHS Christmas Horror Game about A student heading home for the holidays when his jeep suddenly gets struck by an oncoming vehicle. were he wakes up hours later forced to participate in a found footage where the guy has to solve puzzles and escape 

Press escape to get to settings.

Game controls







Glow sticks - G 

Puzzles    -   Click MOUSE WHEEL to select the puzzle and the left and right arrow keys to select valve.


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This one was such a blast!
I legit screamed an jumped back from my computer hahaha

When can I play The Fallen Third?

It's only on our  patreon.com/FDIR

Gameplay and feedback within!

Hello and a merry humbug to all :). This game was fun love the atmosphere. Man those puzzles frustrated the shit out of me haha. 

Looking forward to next game. You are awesome!

Thanks we highly appreciate that and we definitely got much more content coming

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Fun game I wouldn't like to be a kid playing in this though.

The only bad thing I will say about it is the puzzle with the valves when you have to turn them it put me off because I was doing it for ages and couldn't figure it out.

Lol the funny thing is it's so simple once you figure out the pattern 

Well it is for you because you created the game.


Lol Honestly it was difficult for us  but as of right now I'm the only one on the team that figured it out

This was a really good horror game, the vibe of the atmosphere and the lore just made it even more creepy. I made a video on it, hope you enjoy!

I did struggle on the one valve puzzle a bit, but only because I didn't know what I was doing lol. 

The monster is pretty creepy, but some of the puzzles were just... bleh. The puzzle controls were a bit weird too, but once I realized the controls reference that particular area it wasn't too bad.

That's a good game. But, I had a hard time playing that. The Puzzle of the Giant Heads, or is bugged, or It's very, very, very hard to solve, almost impossible. I had to play the older version in order to make this video. I just couldn't solve it in the newer version. Besides, that is a good game. Kudos to this work.

Yeah we took the Giant Head Puzzle  out of that level because  people are saying its to hard 

... something about christmas horror hard puzzles. "You son of a bitch, I'm in"

The game is well made. I just feel like the game had a bit more puzzles then horror and some of the puzzles were more about trial and error then actual puzzles. IMHO, I'd remove the trial and error style of puzzles. Besides that, it's an ok game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. Http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Played this last night for a video uploaded to my channel and really enjoyed it! A few recommendations (if you watch the video I talk about it) but all in all I was very pleased with this one. Good job 😁

Got a bit frustrated with the valve puzzle, the mouse wheel did not work for me until i restarted. Just too many puzzles in this one for me, other than that i thought it was well made thanks dev.

We  highly appreciate everyone that took out their time  to play our game. We also have much more in store for the upcoming months

Awesome! :)

wow creepy yet great game ran into some small bugs here and there but still a great game that you should make a series out of. Love to know more about this place. Also check out what I thought and what happened in my play of the game right here 

Thanks for playing and we definitely will take it into consideration of making it into a series

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good creepy

Amazing game dev :D 


This is pretty damn good, man. It's got a really creepy atmosphere and some fun, challenging puzzles. Some of those rooms are trippy as hell too. Nice job!

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how do you interact with the valves in the balloon room?

Frustrating to say the least... What is the damn controls, took me so long to just interact with the valves, and now i cant turn them, pushed all buttons on keyboard and mouse, nothing happens, I know you use arrow keys to choose the valve once, you got into those, but HOW DO YOU TURN THEM!

Got a little frustrated with that part too, but I just finished it not too long ago. Click the middle wheel on the mouse and left and right arrow keys to choose which valve to use.

nothing i did turned them, i could choose between them, but i could not turn them in anyway

To rotate them just move the mouse wheel up and down

omg Max Horror. I love you.  lol

I feel the love! :) Thanks man, and happy holidays to you! 

THE FUN HOUSE - Full Walkthrough Gameplay (ENDING)

So this game almost drove me insane. Haha. Loved the game design, the idea and atmosphere... but sometimes it's way too hard. Good job tho, I'd like to see more stuff from you guys. P.s. Just uploaded the vid... so it's gonna take some time for youtube to process HD.