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This is really a very cool horror game. I will now play all the games from the developer in order. If you want, you can watch my video here:

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Loved this game. It isn't the first game of yours I have played, however I hadn't played this title. The atmosphere in that basement was creepy as hell! I felt very very tense! Love your work. Any way if anyone wants to you can check out my experience of the game below!  :D

Great atmosphere in the game. The radio and lights far in the shed were a bit loud and I was a little confused as to whether I had finished the game or not. Small things but in the end a good scare!

Real fun game! I legit got scared and turned my volume down xDD

I played your most recent game "The Fallen Third" and just HAD to come back and try your other games that are set in this world. Definitely much shorter than The Fallen Third, but just as rewarding to see where it began. Everything was great, perfect atmosphere, scary enemy and some good mechanics to keep the player thinking. Really enjoy your style and can't wait to play the rest in this series! Big points for the use of the necronomicon, I'm a big evil dead fan!

Thank! you for playing it we plan to continue the story soon. We have a lot more to tell

super keen! 

As always awesome game Dev Thank you! :) 



Thanks for playing

Very nice!! The atmosphere was really well crafted and there were definitely some spooks to be had here!! One For The Road is next on my list!

thanks for checking it out. We got a lot more content coming soon

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😉

thanks for playing

This was really nice, think i got a bad ending though is there more than 1 and possibly a way to find gas for the boat?  heres my gameplay this gave me a few scares includin the same 1 twice because i died and forgot it was comin haha:

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Yeah bro! Thanks so much for playing! There is actually only one ending. You should try your luck on the other game "One For The Road." and see what ending you get.

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This was a pretty sweet game! It was eerie most of the time, but the thing I thought was funny was the words on each page "ipsum..." usually used to show that there isn't any content to see (at least that's what I believe I read a few years back). Overall, I liked it, it gave me a nice spook! 

PS One small thing. the boat has no motor to take in the gas. I'm a little OCD when I'm supposed to look for gas but there's no motor for the boat. Nothing major.