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Very atmospheric game. Even with different endings. I enjoyed it very much. Want to take a look at the gameplay:

this was super fun, i enjoyed the scares and the atmosphere of this game. this is a reaction compilation so its only like 4 minutes long and is pro edited. if you enjoy daily horror and random games maybe hit that subscribe button.

I really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere was really tense and I felt on edge most of the time! This is the third title of yours that I have played and it didn't disappoint! Keep up the good work! If anyone wants to see my experience please check out the video below :) 

Short game but had good atmosphere. Those keys though were hidden so well I was stuck for a good while!

Short, fun, horror game that actually gave me chills!
I look forward to playing all of the FDIR games, so stay tuned for that! (:
Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested in watching! :D

Super Cool. :) 

It's been a while since a horror game has made me physically jump like this did so for that, well done!! I'm pretty sure I got the good ending and I have a theory on the bad ending but I'm not 100% sure either way, haha!

hello! I loved this game it reminded me of some of the styles of the older horror movies like texas chainsaw massacre and kind of felt nostalgic! i loved the atsmosphere and if you wanna watch my playthrough here it is! 

Yeah Man! Really appreciate the playthrough! Very difficult to watch you get the bad ending while passing by the good ending so many times lol! But glad you enjoyed it! Stay blessed!

I might play again to see  if i can get the good ending! Im guessing it hass something to do with the numpad door right?

Lol Yep and you kept looking at the password

XP i was trying to figure it out and couldnt ill go back and look!